Join us and get involved in this exciting career in security services. We serve our customers and protect the public with our state of the art techniques. We do that through training and work experience. Get rewarded through promotions and performance based incentives.

In 2008 BCM began a formalized training, including MOAB (Managing Aggressive Behavior) and association with NCS4 (National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security) and IAVM (International Association of Venue Management).

​While BCM continues its growth in Motor Sports, the unique expertise and skill required to secure the sporting world’s most complex venues and events is being applied to other major entertainment events, corporate clients and experiential marketing companies.

How do I know if I have what it takes to join BCM?

​”I Promise Campaign”

​BCM’s ‘I Promise Campaign’ is based on contracting with all security and event staff personnel a core minimum of performance standards, to which they are incentives via compensation to achieve these basic minimums:

1. BCM personnel will arrive prepared and on post at least 15-minutes prior to their scheduled start time.

2. BCM personnel will be familiar with all their post’s orders, which they shall have on their person.

3. BCM personnel will be professionally and properly attired in accordance with BCM universal dress code standards.

4. BCM personnel will demonstrate professional and fan friendly communications at all times, and prepared to answer fan questions or direct fans to the proper source.

5. BCM personnel will be in possession of the security hotline and immediate Supervisor’s phone numbers.

6. BCM personnel will not leave their post unless relieved; excepting at the end of their shift if there is no scheduled relief for that post.

7. BCM personnel will be mentally and physically fit for all assigned duties and post orders.

8. BCM personnel will follow all reporting and intercession protocol to maintain a safe and secure event.

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