Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing Companies represent household name brands from soft drinks, alcohol and tobacco products to insurance companies, outdoor recreational equipment and products, automakers and a myriad of other brands. These experiential marketing companies take their brand clients to events whose attendees represent the brands existing customers and target audience. While at these events they provide their audience with interactive experiences to further enhance brand loyalty. This interaction can come in the way of elaborate displays and/or hospitality suites to reward customer loyalty.

The BCM Solution: BCM provides these sometimes elaborate displays with overnight security, ensuring the assets are protected and the marketing to customers the following day is not interrupted.

Some displays require security during their activation periods. IDs may need to be checked (Tobacco and alcohol) or to ensure that valuable assets, such as vehicles worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, are not damaged from over-zealous fans.

Hospitality suites require guard personnel to check credentials and invitations at entrances, ensuring that only the brands’ invited guests are allowed access. Once inside, additional security may need to be present, depending on the assets the EM is displaying.

In all instances, the security personnel must not only ensure a safe and secure experience for patrons, but as with motorsport events, ensure a positive overall ‘fan’ or customer experience. Communication is a key element to achieving that objective. How security personnel communicate with patrons – as if they were a direct employee of the brand itself – is crucial to maintaining a successful event and positive customer experience.