Transportation Solutions

Experiential Marketing (EM) companies face unique challenges when setting out on a tour.
Not only must they establish a security solution when on location, but they also need to acquire or lease the appropriate vehicles to transport their displays and the properly DOT CDL licensed drivers for their Class A, B or C vehicles. More often than not, EM’s source these services out to multiple vendors.

One supplies the tractor/trailers or other trucks, another provides the CDL licensed drivers, and then there is still security to arrange as well.

A one vendor solution for Experiential Marketing Companies. BCM offers its EM clients vehicle(s), driver(s) and security solutions all rolled into one. Not three vendors and three invoices, with three different contacts. BCM provides Class A, B and C vehicles and CDL licensed drivers who are also trained to act as security when on location. This provides clients with operational and cost efficiencies.

One vendor, one invoice and one contact. If the driver/security personnel are up against the limit for proper DOT rest requirements, BCM arranges for their ‘relief’ security.

The operational and cost efficiencies for the client are not minor. In one client’s case, BCM was able to save the EM over $150,000 annually, per ‘tour’, over the previous EM’s three vendor approach.