Track Venue

Every race track venue’s management and/or racing event promoter have two challenging questions regarding security for every race event they hold. “How can I provide the most secure and safe event possible, while still making for a positive ‘fan experience’?” They must contemplate issues from parking accessibility, registration and cooler/bag checking via ‘Guest Services’, and that’s just to secure access and provide a positive ‘fan experience’ for getting the fan into the venue itself. Once inside, areas such as the Grandstands, NASCAR or INDY CAR Garage/Paddock areas need to be secured, as well as Pit Row, Victory Circle or Lane, VIP Terraces and Hospitality Suites, Campgrounds, Vendor Displays, Money Transfers, TV Compounds and the list goes on. Their second question is, “Can I do so effectively, while also maintaining cost efficiency?”

First and foremost, BCM brings a wealth of race venue and event experience and expertise to the benefit of our clients. Second, with that expertise, BCM’s Operational Management team, working with their race venue counterparts, are able to devise an operational and logistics plan that considers ever element of ensuring a safe and secure event week, while also providing operational efficiencies through its “Superior Supervision” model and its ability to eliminate unnecessary redundancies, while enhancing execution and performance. Last, BCM provides quality control with its “I Promise” campaign of service to the client. (For “Superior Supervision Model” and “I Promise Campaign, please see the ‘Benefits of BCM’)The key objective for any race venue or promoter is ensuring a positive ‘Fan Experience’.

Naturally, a safe and Secure event is key to that objective, but so are event personnel who are versed on the event and venue’s key facts, thereby enabling them to positively handle fan inquiries or direct them to the right source. BCM ensures that its personnel are ‘armed’ with such knowledge. BCM will soon launch an on-line test procedure for its personnel to become familiar with a particular race and venue.