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Residential areas, such as HOA (homeowner association) communities and businesses can take advantage of our security consulting service to devise procedures for their security needs.

Our professional security consulting services are available to businesses and residential communities.

BCM's security professionals will provide you with detailed security recommendations based upon your risk profile.

Security consulting is a necessary step that we take prior to offering a security solution for your home or business. During the security consultation, we assess your risk and do a full inventory of your property to help you plan for the right type of security coverage.

We provide a wide range of businesses and residential communities in Tampa, St. Pete, and Clearwater with options for great security coverage. Our highly experienced professionals, who pride themselves on providing the most detailed security procedures for your personal or professional security needs, perform the security consulting service.

What takes place during a security consultation for your business?

The first thing we do during a security consultation is evaluate the current security of your business. This includes evaluating your personal and business assets. Next, we make recommendations on security interventions that you can put in place to further protect your business. These recommendations vary depending on the size of your business, its assets, the number of personnel, and even more factors.

At BCM Security, we are prepared to provide you with the best security options on the market. Our agency will continually provide you with ways that your business can remain secure using security guards, employee screenings, technology integration, and more.

Tackling Personal Security in Residential Areas via Community Briefings for Residents & Personnel

When it comes to residential areas like HOA (homeowner association) communities, we offer community briefings to your residents or personnel. During these briefings, we tackle the problem of personal security.

The majority of our briefings center on practicality. We help your community residents understand how and why they need to be alert and aware of their surroundings, and we offer suggestions on self-security.

Call us today for a security consultation that will help you make informed decisions.

We help clients make informed decisions on their security needs. Any decisions you make for your home or business today will have a huge impact on its security for years to come. During your security consultation, our staff conducts a professional and thorough check that will aid you in:

  • Threat and vulnerability assessment
  • Policy and procedure review/development
  • Security training and audits
  • Security planning

For further information on how to begin implementing security for your business, call us today at (866) 489-0595. We are excited to get the ball rolling on your security consultation!

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