Campus Safety

Experienced campus security services to educational institutions.

Professional College Security

Developing a safe and secure environment in an Institution of Higher Education is the responsibility of the entire community. Colleges and Universities must be vigilant about campus safety. Members of the campus safety community expect the highest level of security services related to personal safety, access control, and physical security. Due to the economic struggles facing many educational institutions, administrators may find it challenging to provide reasonable protection for students, faculty/staff and its facilities.

No matter if your college or university is large or small; public or private; or situated in a city, suburban or rural setting; your primary security goal is making students, faculty, personnel, visitors, and parents feel welcome and safe. At the same time, you have a responsibility to keeping the school operating, mitigating foreseeable risk and preventing the damage that might strike your brand and, possibly, your enrollment, if you don’t.

BCM Security understands these concerns. Through our years of experience providing security services to institutions of higher education, we assess your immediate security needs and provide you with the most reliable and experienced professionals.


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